David Arthur

This is the blog I created when I first joined tumblr. I cannot delete it without deleting my account, and I have two other blogs I contribute to. So here it is. You should probably just go to darthurphoto.tumblr.com

I had to go look it up to be sure, but I have another image on the homepage slider. This one was taken almost exactly one year ago when I was on campus to photograph an evening class. I walked around campus a little afterwards and shot a few evening shots. It’s fun to see old shots getting used still!
Shooting softball today. Brought the #nikon #d4 and the #sigma #sigmonster the 120-300. Ofcourse with a #rapidstrap
I had a good time and got some good insights talking to Chase Jarvis today! Now it’s time to spend some money at Adorama.com!
They have some deals specifically for the chat today!
Finally shooting the last #interview for a #video about some @usi_edu students who went to china last year. This years students leave in a couple weeks! This is the professor who teaches their #Chinese class. #nikon #d4 #rodemic #manfrotto
Shot 2 #usi #basketball games tonight. Nothing crazy happened but it was a #super #longday
#evansville #downtown #neighborhood
#fallcolors #oncampus at #USI

"My father died rather suddenly. He had a rare condition called pulmonary fibrosis, and he had a double lung transplant. He seemed to be recovering perfectly, and everyone was very optimistic, but then the day that he came home from the hospital, he died."
“Did he talk with you about the possibility of death?”
“That was probably the greatest tragedy. He never came to terms with it. You hear of some people achieving peace in their final days, but he was terrified of dying until the very end. He got increasingly anxious as he got sicker, and tried all sorts of alternative cures. He felt very cheated by life. He was always so careful about being healthy. He’d been a vegetarian his entire life. It all seemed very unfair.”